Travatan 0.004% 2,5ml (solution) Alcon

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Travatan (travoprost) is a new medication used for the glaucoma treatment, a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin-F2-alpha. Travatan lowers intraocular pressure by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor.It is used for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in open-angle glaucoma and increased intraocular pressure.

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Travatan 0.004% 2,5ml (solution) Alcon

Travatan 0.004% 2,5ml (solution) Alcon Travatan opthalmic solution (travoprost) is a new medication used for the glaucoma treatment, a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin-F2-alpha.
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Active ingredient: travoprost 0.004% 2.5ml

Pharmacological action:

Travatan is a prostoglandin F2-alpha analogue, an antiglaucoma medication that is highly selective agonist (Pg) of receptors type FP.
Travatan reduces intraocular pressure by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor. Travatan main mechanism of action is associated with an increase in uveoscleral outflow. Intraocular pressure is reduced at 2 h after instillation of Travatan, and the maximum effect is achieved within 12 hours.

Travatan Indications

Travatan opthalmic solution is used to reduce the elevated intraocular pressure in people with:

  • Open-angle glaucoma
  • Elevated intraocular pressure (IOP)

Travatan Mode of administration

The reccomended dose for adults and elderly patients is one drop into the conjunctival sac of the affected eye once daily. The optimum effect is achieved when the medication is administered in the evening.More frequent use of Travatan may reduce its effectiveness.
After instillation Travatan it recommended to close the eyelids tightly in order to reduce systemic absorption.
If more than one local ophthalmic medication is used, the interval between their application should be at least 15 minutes.

Travatan Contraindications

Travatan 0.004% ophthalmic solution is contraindicated for use in:

  • Individual intolerance (hypersensitivity in anamnesis)
  • Children and adolescents under 18 years of age
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Travoprost ophtalmic should be used with caution in:
Risk factors for macular edema (aphakia, pseudophakia, damage fo the backside of the capsule of lens)
Acute iritis (uveitis)

Travatan opthalmic solutionand pregnancy and breastfeeding
The use of Travatan during pregnancy is contraindicated because of the risk of damages to the fetus. Travatan passes trough the breast milk and therefore the use of this medication during breastfeeding is contraindicated.

Travatan Side effects
Travatan opthalmic solution is a highly safe and effective remedy.
The most common side effect associated with this medication is conjunctival hyperemia (in 35% cases) The hyperemia is caused by vasodilatation and does not have inflammatory nature.

Other Travatan side effects include:

Local reactions: blurred vision, discomfort and foreign body sensation in the eyes, pain, itching, burning eyes, visual disturbances (including blurred vision), cataract, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, dryness of the conjunctiva, iris discoloration, keratitis, photophobia, subconjunctival hemorrhage, and increased lacrimation.
There may be a gradual change in eye color by increasing the amount of brown pigment in the iris, as well as darkening, thickening and lengthening lashes and / or an increase in their number, rarely - a darkening of the eyelid skin (no clinical significance).
Systemic side effects are not common and may include: anxiety, headaches, depression, increased or decreased blood pressure, bradycardia, angina, chest pain, arthritis, back pain, flu syndrome, sinusitis, bronchitis, high cholesterol, indigestion, urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections.

Travatan interaction
Travatan (travoprost) potentates the effects of other glaucoma medications like Timolol and Brimonidine.

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