Synvisc 2ml syringe Hylan GF20 - Rx

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Synvisc is characterized as a viscous substance with an ability to deform itself under short duration of stress - or also called as elastoviscous in nature. It has a high molecular hylan A and hylan B polymers extract from chicken/rooster comb. Hylans are cross-linked hyaluronans that are combined with proprietary formulation which will produce Synvisc

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Synvisc 2ml syringe Hylan GF20 - Rx

Synvisc 2ml syringe Hylan GF20 - Rx Synvisc 2ml is also known as hylan G-F 20, a medicament that is used in viscosupplementation therapy. Buy online at low price
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Synvisc is also known as hylan G-F 20, a medicament that is used in viscosupplementation therapy. It is indicated for patient suffering from severe pain caused by osteoarthritis. Synvisc is a medicine that should have prescription from a licensed practitioner upon medicament administration of remedy.

Action Mechanism

Mechanism of action for viscosupplementation therapy has not yet been established by research studies. To date there are no precise mechanism for any viscosupplementation however numerous proposed theories tried to explain it. Synvisc is believed to be biologically similar to hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a component of synovial fluid found in a joint that provides good lubrication for flawless movement. Synvisc provides supplementation and replace the loss hyaluronan in pathologic joints.

Synvisc decreases the pain and discomfort secondary to osteoarthritis. It also has a protection mechanism against degeneration or chemical and physical damage.

Synvisc Indication

Synvisc is indicated for patient suffering from pain cause by decrease in synovial fluid in arthritic joints. However, viscosupplementation therapy with Synvisc is only indicated for patient who does not feel better after taking first line of medication (e.g. NSAIDS, acetaminophen).

Mode of Administration

Synvisc is administered through intra-articular injection. It is important to note that the injection should be administered by licensed physician. Materials such as gloves and anesthesia should be prepared first before applying Synvisc injection. Proper Positioning of the patient is an important to ensure proper admission of the medicament and increase the accessibility of injection site. Patient may be positioned in supine or sitting depending in patients comfort.

Injection then should be determined. Marked the injection site and disinfect it. However you must not use disinfectants that contain quaternary ammonium salt. This can precipitate hyaluronan. The Synvisc is supplied in a 2.25 ML glass syringe which contains one 2 mL (16mg) does of hylan g-F 20. This syringe is only for single use and should be dispose properly after administration. Duration of injections is once a week for three consecutive weeks. During administration, you must ensure that the needle is secure to prevent leakage of the medicine. The 2 mL syringe of Synvisc is injected for one knee only.

Synvisc Contraindication and Caution

Remember that good history taking will prevent complication and serious adverse effect of remedy. One must note that patient with history of allergy or hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate is not allowed to take Synvisc. Moreover, patient who has skin disease, open wound or infection in injection site is also contraindicated.

Synvisc is injected inside the synovial fluid thus; you have to take extra caution during administration. Injecting the medicament in the wrong site or extra-articularly might produce adverse effect on the area and may produce complications. If the package is opened or damaged, do not use the product but rather return it to pharmacy where you bought it.

Avoid strenuous activity for 48 hours after medicine administration. You may ask your doctor regarding the appropriate time to resume your daily activities involving strenuous activities.

Synvisc Side Effects

Patient may experience adverse effects such as pain in the site of injection, swelling and joint effusion (most common adverse effects). Adverse effects that can are associated with intra-articular injections includes arthralgia (pain in the joint), joint stiffness (limitation of motion), joint effusion (increase intra-articular fluid), joint swelling, warmth sensation of the joint, injection site pain, arthritis (inflammation of joints), arthropathy and gait disturbances.

Synvisc Interaction

Remember that interactions between medicaments can increase or decrease the adverse effect or change the metabolic and chemical reaction of the remedies inside the body. It is very important for you to give your doctor a complete list of medicaments you are currently taking. Do not stop taking the medicines or do not decrease the dosage of the remedies you need to take without permission from your physician.

Interesting Facts

Synvisc is another type of viscosupplementation therapy that reduces painful stimuli cause by osteoarthritis. Hence, it is not consider a medicament but a therapy. Synvisc has not been proven to be effective in reducing pain in other joints of the body other than the knee. One more interesting fact is that the 2.25 mL syringe of Synvisc contains of the following: hylan polymers, sodium chloride 17 mg, disodium dihydrogen phosphate 0.32 mg, sodium dehydration phosphate monohydrate 0.08 mg and water for injection.

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