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Restore Cream is a revolutionary stretch mark formula that is designed for men and women who desires to conceal skin imperfections and blemishes brought about by stretch marks

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Stretch Mark Cream 60ml

Stretch Mark Cream 60ml Stretch Mark Removal Cream is safe and effective brand for restoring and revitalizing skin glow. Restore your natural flawless skin with Restore Cream- stretch mark formula. Restore your natural flawless skin with Restore Cream- stretch mark formula.
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Stretch Mark Cream  is safe and effective brand for restoring and revitalizing skin glow. It is manufactured following the strictest standard of safety in an accredited GMP laboratory in the USA. Restore your natural flawless skin with Restore Cream- stretch mark formula.   It contains the active ingredients such as antarcticine, idebenone, hydrogenated poly ecene, marine collagen, palmitoyl tripeptide-5, retinol molecular film, methyl paraben, shea butter, skin mimics, sodium PCA, sodium poly acrylate and propyl paraben.

Stretch mark Removal Cream

Action Mechanism

Stretch mark is the expected evidence after our skin encountered considerable stretching due to weight gain/weight loss or pregnancy. It can appear anywhere in the body and it is a mark of skin imperfection because of its undesirable color. Surgical procedure to remove dreaded stretch mark may be a choice but this is not favored by many because of its associated risk.       

Moisture is a crucial process in preventing the occurrence of stretch marks. Stretch Mark removal cream contains Shea butter, a potent moisturizing formula that will maintain skin hydration and moisture. Stretch Mark removal cream - stretch mark formula wipes away your dreaded stretch marks by retaining balance on your skin moisture.

Stretch Mark Cream Indications

Stretch Mark Cream  is indicated for the removal and prevention of stretch marks that is caused by skin stretching due to pregnancy or weight loss. For quick and effective result, gently rub (in a circular motion) a small amount of Restore cream in the affected site at least two times a day, once in the morning preferably after bath and in the evening before bedtime.  

Restore cream is also an effective moisturizing and hydrating agent in preventing the appearance of stretch marks in prone areas of your skin such as the stomach, thigh, arms, buttocks, abdomen and shoulders. Dermatologists recommend proper hydration and moisturizing your skin to prevent stretch mark to develop.

Stretch Mark Cream  is the product that has gained wide approval from customers because the formula offers both curative and preventive action for stretch mark problems. Prevention is better than cure; use Restore Cream at the early detection of stretch marks symptoms.          

Contraindications and Cautions

Stretch Mark Cream stretch mark formula is contraindicated to persons who are hypersensitive to any of its ingredients. To achieve full benefit of treatment, follow the instruction indicated in the product label.  

Stretch Mark removal cream  is intended for topical administration; do not swallow the formula or apply it for any other purpose not indicated in the product label. Always wash your hands after each application to avoid getting the formula into your eyes and mouth. Do not apply the formula on broken or swollen skin to avoid irritation. 

Side Effects

Stretch Mark Cream is safe and effective formula for stretch mark removal. It does not contain harsh chemicals that are hazardous to health and there are no side effects associated on its use. If you observed adverse skin reactions in connection to its use, immediately stop treatment and consult a dermatologist nearest you.  

Stretch Mark Cream Interactions

A remedy interaction affects how the formula works and the overall success of treatment. Restore Cream is scientifically formulated with high concern to safety standards. It does not possess substance that has possible negative interactions with other medications or herbal preparations.   

Interesting Facts

Stretch Mark removal cream is a skin condition that affects men and women alike. Research study reveals that persons who have high collagen are less likely to develop stretch mark. But like many skin imperfections, stretch mark is preventable with proper skin hydration. Use Stretch Mark removal cream regularly and be prepared to be amazed with the result. 

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