Liver support

Liver is the most important organ in our body, which filters the blood and clears it from harmful substances. Treatment of liver disease consists in basic therapy of liver diseases such as diet and regimen and etiotropic (acting on the cause of the disease) and pathogenic (acting on the mechanism of the disease) therapy. In treatment of viral liver disease caused by viruses B and C it is effective to use antiviral agents (interferon-alpha, lamivudine and ribavirin). The basis of modern pathogenetic treatment of patients with chronic diffuse liver disease is the so-called group of hepatoprotectors (eg Essentiale Forte). The choice of medication and treatment regimen in each case must be determined by the treating physician. The most common liver diseases include: acute and chronic hepatitis alcoholic liver disease nonalcoholic fatty liver disease cirrhosis
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Essentiale Forte is a liver therapeutic agent that regulates the enzymatic action of the...