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Hyalgan is a medication given for patients suffering from severe pain secondary to osteoarthritis. It has a molecular mass of 500 to 730kD containing a highly concentration of viscous solution (20 mg/ 2 mL) of purified sodium hyaluronate. We require a valid prescription for Hyalgan. It is available only with the valid prescription.

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Hyalgan 20mg/2ml by Fidia

Hyalgan 20mg/2ml by Fidia Hyalgan is a medication given for patients suffering from severe pain secondary to osteoarthritis. Buy online at low price.
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Hyalgan is a medication given for patients suffering from severe pain secondary to osteoarthritis. It has a molecular mass of 500 to 730kD containing a highly concentration of viscous solution (20 mg/ 2 mL) of purified sodium hyaluronate. The source of its main component, sodium hyaluronate, is rooster combs. It is used in clinical setting since 1960’s. The use of Hyalgan in the U.S has been approved since 1997. Patients are injected with three-five intra-articular HA at weekly intervals. Federal law only approved the use of this medicine in individuals who suffers from severe pain and who does not respond to simple analgesics.

Action Mechanism

The mechanism of action for hyalgan has not been found out to date. However there are several proposed scientific theories for its potential mechanism of action. Physiologic mechanism of normal joints in the body would explain that hyaluronan is a major component of synovial fluid found inside the joints. Hyaluronan allows the joints to freely move and increase the efficacy of joint mobility. In cases such as osteoarthritis, the concentration of hyaluronan decreases due to destruction of properties of synovial fluid.

Reduced hyaluronan concentration results in decrease joint mobility. The stiffened joint produces painful stimuli. These debilitating effects are inhibited by hyalgan medication. It replaces the lost hyaluronan and lubricates the joints. Anti-inflammatory effect is through absorption of inflammatory mediators. Hyalgan coats the synovial membrane’s nociceptors thereby reducing pain. It also inhibits the degeneration of cartilages.

Hyalgan Indication

Hyalgan 20mg/2ml medication is a type of Viscosupplementation Therapy defined as the use of hyaluronate-containing solution (e.g., hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate) to treat a pathologic synovial fluid of joints. It is mainly use for patients with osteoarthritis. Painful knee can benefit from this medicament since it has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is important to know that hyalgan is only indicated if pain is so severe that the patient no longer responds in simple analgesics and non-pharmacological therapy.

Mode of Administration

First and foremost, administration should be done by a healthcare professional. The materials needed should be prepared prior to administration. One most important material is your HYALGAN prefilled syringe. Once you have all needed materials, you have to prepare also your patient. Proper positioning of patient can be in supine with 0 degree to 10 degrees of knee inclination. If patient is more comfortable in sitting then the knee should be placed in 90 degrees with foot dangling.

Next, you should determine your injection site. When choosing your injection site, you might want to consider the following principles:

  • If the effusion is palpable, you may us suprapatellar/retropatellar approach
  • If joint effusion is not palpable, use a parapatellar approach. If you’re having a hard time in palpating the landmark, position your patient in sitting position.

You should mark the site and cleanse it with Betadine swab. Administration of anesthesia is next in line. In injecting hyalgan, your healthcare provider may aspirate first your knee to reduce joint effusion. It has been proven by numerous studies that administration of 2 ml or 20 mg hyalgan once a week for 5 consecutive weeks is effective.

Contraindication and Caution

Hyalgan 20mg/2ml is contraindicated with patients who have a history of hypersensitivity to hyaluronate. Intra-articular injections may also be contraindicated if the patient has open wound, infection and skin disease in the site of injection.

After administering hyalgan, one should avoid weight-bearing activities for the following 48 hours. If there is presence of acute joint inflammation, injection site discharge and if patient manifest fever/chills you have to call your healthcare provider.

Hyalgan Side Effects

Most common adverse effect of the remedy is pain over the injection site. Studies have shown that patients may experience back pain, knee joint effusion, gastrointestinal pain, skin eruption, headache, local ecchymosis and rash, local joint pain, swelling and pruritis. However, studies also noted that these adverse effects may not be a direct medicine-related. And patient may experience these but the effectiveness of the medicament will not change.

Hyalgan Interactions

Up to date there are no known medicament interactions with hyalgan. We might consider interaction between hyalgan and the disinfectant placed in the injection site prior to hyalgan administration. You should first consult your doctor before considering interacting hyalgan with another medicament, for the reason that it may result to debilitating effects of medicine interactions.

Interesting Facts

Hyalgan 20mg/2ml is a remedy that is used way back in 1960s however FDA only approved its use as a part of Viscosupplementation treatment in 1997. Although Hyalgan is a pharmacologic type of treatment, it is still considered as a therapy rather than a remedy. This is for the reason that hyalgan can restore normal properties of synovial fluid within the joints.

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From Alexander | 2015-10-06 21:54:51

Could you please specify the expiration date?


The exp date of the product will be 2017 year.

From chardome georges | 2014-11-04 17:00:46

bonjour je voudrai acheter 3 piqures de Hyalgan (20 mg/ml) voir le prix et les frais pour la Belgique j'ai une ordonnance du médecin belge


Dear Chardome, You can now place an order on our website. Kind regards, Serghei Ermolaev

From shuabham | 2013-08-28 09:55:23

can hylagan help to heal spinal cord injury, c4 and c5 fractur.does it improove spinal cord nerves damage!


it is not used for the spinal cord treatment, it is injected only in the knees

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