Q. How can I place an order?

A. If you wish to make an order at our website you should choose the medication which your need and click "Add to card". After that you will be forwarded to your shopping card. At your shopping card you can change the quantity of product, continue shopping or confirm your order by clicking checkout. You will be taken to our Order form when you will have to make new account at our online pharmacy. After making an account you will be forwarded to the shipping page where you will have to choose the shipping types (EMS shipping and registered air mail shipping) and then to the payment page where you have to fill the details of your credit card or E-check.

Q. Which methods of should I use to make an order? 
A. You can make an order at our website using Visa credit/debit card and E-check. All of the payments are proceed online. Our website does not receive payment by phone. Once your order is successfully proceed, you will receive automatic confirmation e-mail with your order detail. All of the payment methods we provide are secure and safe. For additional information regarding payments feel free to contact us any time. 

Q. Is it safe to make an order though the internet using my Visa card or E-check (electronic check)?
A. Our website use up-to-date secure service. We use SSL to protect your confidential data. 

Q. How can I cancel my order? 
A. You can always cancel your order before your products are shipped. That's why you should contact us as soon as possible within 24 hours. We do not accept cancellation of your order when they have already been shipped. Any disputes or chargebacks without letting us know with be treated as a Fraudulent and will forwarded to the Fraud Division of your Credit Card Company and well as FBI (Credit Card Fraud Division). Credit Card Fraud is criminally liable act of crime. 

Q. How can I get my money back? 
A. If you are not satisfied with the shipping and delivery terms of other issues regarding the products we provide, you can ask us for a partial or full refund. If your parcel is seized by the Customs, make sure to let us know as soon as possible. We guarantee you a full refund if the parcel is not delivered within 30 business days. We will not make you a refund if you have provided us with incorrect shipping address. Sometimes we can suggest you a free reship instead of refund. 

Q. Are your medications FDA approved? 
A. Some of the medications are not approved by FDA (most of generics). These drugs are approved by Indian FDA. Brand medications are approved by US FDA. 

Q. What kind of medication do you provide? 
A. Our website sells OTC and Rx preparations, including generics and brands. Each medication available at our website has an information regarding manufacturer and if it is brand or generic.. You can also get information about this manufacturer or visit official website of this manufacturer. All of the generic are manufactured according to WHO and GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements and correspond to the stringent standards of drug quality. 

Q. What is the difference between generic medications and brands? 
A. Generic medication contains the same active ingredient as brand drug. That's why generic drug is identical to brand dug in respect to therapeutic effect. In some cases generic differs from brand in content of additional constituents like fillers, lubricants, colorants or moistening agents. In most cases generic medication works the same as brand and possesses the same therapeutic effect, indications, contraindications and side effects. Generic medications are much cheaper that brand because the manufactures do not have to pay money for laboratory and clinical trials which are very expensive. 

Q. How can I contact your website? 
A. Feel free to contact us any time by sending us an e-mail support@drugs-health.com or contacting us by Live chat, Skype or calling us. We will try to resolve any occurred questions in favor of each our client.  

Q. Why do e-mails sent to me do not arrive? 
A. Dear owners of AOL.com anCOX.net e-mails! You might not get e-mails from our customer support if you use AOL and Cox.net e-mail. In most cases the letters of our customer support team are recognized by your e-mail provider as a spam and are forwarded to SPAM folder. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail after making an order at our website. For more information contact your AOL or Cox.net customer support. 

Q. Why is your prices low? 
A. We deal with wholesale quantities of medicines supplied by the companies located in India. That's why we can offer you the lowest prices for all our drugs.

Q. Why was my order declined?
·         Your order can be declined if you wish to cancel your order prior it has been shipped. 
·         Your first order is too big (more than 400$). Your first order should not exceed 400$)
·         The medication ordered is not currently available at our warehouse. 
·         Identical order. You have placed several identical orders. We will contact you on this issue as soon as possible. 
·         Incorrect shipping address. We will not ship your orders to addresses which do not exist. 
·         Shipping country is currently unavailable. We do not ship our medicines to certain countries like Sweden, Russia, India, China and others. 

Q. Where can I get information about tracking number of my order? 
A. You can always ask our customer support for a tracking number. We will provide you with the tracking number as soon the parcel is shipped.