About us

About us

rxhippocratis.com is an international escrow services that enables customers inEU,UKandAustraliaget high quality herbal supplements and OTC products at affordable prices. Our company has been established in 2009 and now we are proud of 10000 already satisfied customers.

Our terms and conditions include:

1.rxhippocratis.com is committed to provide an accurate health information which does not serve as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment of any kind. You need to consult your physicians for a professional medical advice before ordering and prescription and non-prescription medicines.

2 The following terms and conditions apply to all services and products offered by rxhippocratis.com.By ordering the products from our website and accepting delivery the Customer accepts these Terms of Sale and agrees to be bound by them.

3.rxhippocratis.com does not sell or promote any controlled substances, habit forming and narcotic pain killers known as  controlled substances in some countries. We supply only herbal supplement, over-the-counter medications and prescription medicines. We do require a valid prescription from a licensed physician for all prescription medication that we sell.

4.The customer can order the medications for a period not exceeding 90-days course of treatment. We do not ship products to the countries where the products are not registered or unapproved.

5. rxhippocratis.com is not responsible for the delay of the delivery or a failure in performance caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, delays on Customs, lost orders. We offer free reship or return money back if the order does not reach its destination within 30-35 days.

6. By, making an order on our website the customer should be aware that he or she does not violate any import, export or other law or regulation in the Customer's home country.

Chargeback policy

I am fully aware and understand that chargebacks are not welcome, and that all disputes can normally be resolved by contacting our customer support service.
5. I agree that in the event a chargeback is raised by me in connection with my order that I may be forbidden from reordering from rxhippocratis.com and any and all affiliated sites.
6. I confirm that it is my responsibility to maintain a working email address and telephone number for all communications with rxhippocratis.com. This especially applies to 'free' email addresses such as those from Yahoo!, & Hotmail.
7. I agree that rxhippocratis.com is not responsible for my failure to receive emails or calls in connection with my order because of the non working email address, and that specifically this failure is not valid grounds for raising a chargeback.
8. I agree that in the event that I raise a chargeback in connection with my order, that:
a.  rxhippocratis.com will, if fraud is suspected, report the case to the FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center, together with anti-fraud associations, and/or other third parties at it's discretion.
b. rxhippocratis.com may instigate civil action against me to recover the principal amount, and any and all additional costs and fees, including legal fees.

Delivery Policy

After the transaction is successfully approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our website  that will contain all the information about your order including transaction ID number, your full address, products purchased and the amount. rxhippocratis.com ships the products within 48-72  hours after your transaction is approved. The tracking number can be provided can be provided on   the 5-6 days after the order was placed. The drugs are shipped from our warehouses in theUSA,India,United Kingdom,Turkey using express mail shipping and air mail registered air mail shipping. We do not ship medications to certain countries. Please contact our customer support for more information.

Refund Policy

I agree that NO refunds will be given in any of the following circumstances:
a. If my order has already been shipped by rxhippocratis.com
b. If my order has already been approved by rxhippocratis.com after 48 hours after making an order.
c. If I provided an incorrect address to rxhippocratis.com, and my order has already been shipped my order to this wrong address.

Prescription Policy

We require a valid prescription from a licensed physician for all prescription drugs dispensed by our suppliers. Make sure to send your valid prescription to support@rxhippocratis.com

Once we receive your prescription, our physicians will review your order and will accept it or decline. If the prescription is not provided within 14 days, the order will be declined and we will make you a full refund.

Please e-mail your prescription to prescription@rxhippocratis.com or send it by FAX to +18632741568


Our customer has to be over 18 years of age (for someUSstates over 21 years of age) if he or she wants to buy any products in our online store. We do not sell drugs to teenagers and children.


The drugs available on the website are intended only for personal use. Do not sell or share the medicines with others. Talk to your doctor prior to taking any medication. For prescription medications, you need to have a valid prescription.  Keep the medication out of reach of children.

Quality standards!

All the drugs presented on the website correspond to the strict quality standards. We sell generic and brand drugs made by reputable drug manufacturers like Cipla, Ranbaxy, Intas, Zydus, Torrent , Sanofi Aventis and other.

Personal Agreement

By making an order at our pharmacy online you must agree with the terms and conditions, shipping and privacy policy of our website.