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Actovegin is a therapeutic medication that had been used for over 4 decades as a potent antihypoxic agent in stimulating the glucose and oxygen metabolism of the body. It contains calf blood as its raw ingredients, deproteinized through state of the art procedure of ultra filtration.

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Actovegin Actovegin is a product of Nycomed Austria and is vailable in most European countries in the form of injectable solution, tablet, cream, ointment and gel.
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Actovegin is a product of Nycomed Austria and is available in most European countries in the form of injectable solution, tablet, cream, ointment and gel.

Actovegin solutions for injection and infusion can only be purchased with doctor’s prescription. Actovegin ointment, cream and gel may be available as over-the-counter product.

Action Mechanism:

Actovegin molecular substance has the benefit of increasing the uptake of glucose, stimulating the oxidative metabolism of brain cells essential in enhancing the brain’s cellular energy. The process will produce an enhanced production of essential amino acids (such as aspartate and glutamate) and enzymes (such as adenylate cyclase, pyruvate dehydrogenase).

Indications and Mode of Administration:

Actovegin tablets and solutions for injection and infusion is an approved therapeutic medication prescribed to treat blood circulation disorder, peripheral vascular disorder and metabolic and vascular disorder of the brain such as cerebral insufficiency syndrome, ischemic stroke and cranial injury.

Actovegin gel, ointment and cream is a safe and effective preparation that is available as over-the-counter product widely used as emergency remedy to speed up healing of wounds, cuts, abrasions, minor injury and skin inflammations. Gel and Cream preparation is also used for the treatment of varicose ulcers and tissue regeneration for skin burns and radiation related injuries.

Actovegin tablets must be swallowed whole with a little water, preferably before meal. Actovegin for injection must be performed by a professional through intramuscular or intravenous injection. The treatment dosage depends entirely on the doctor’s assessment on the severity of the patient’s condition and its tolerability to treatment.

Contraindications and Cautions:

Actovegin possesses the high standard of tolerability and safety. For your own protection, your doctor will assess your compatibility with the remedy. As a standard requisite of safety, those who have identifiable allergy to any of its component are cautioned not to take or use Actovegin.

Actovegin is not suitable for use on patients who have certain medical conditions such as those who have stage 2 or 3 heart condition. Inform your doctor if you have other concerns affecting your health. Pregnant mothers and breastfeeding moms must inform their doctor of their status to protect the safety of their baby or the unborn infant.

Actovegin side effects

Actovegin has the highest standard of safety because it contains the natural components clinically tested safe for human use. Actovegin can be used in children and elderly patients. This preparation is not contraindicated to patients with moderate kidney or liver condition; your doctor may however assess your present condition whether Actovegin is appropriate for your need.

The possibility of side effects associated on the use of this preparation is rare. However, in some cases, side effects in the symptoms of fever, flushing, skin rash or irritation on the injected site may be apparent but only temporary. Consult your doctor if any of these symptoms persist.

Actovegin Interactions

Medicament interactions may occur on the use of 2 or more incompatible medicines. As a safety precaution, inform your doctor of your existing medication before starting your medication with Actovegin. Enhanced effect of other diabetic medicaments and preparation is expected with concurrent use of Actovegin.

Actovegin must not be used concurrently with other preparations under the same medical classifications as nootropic agent. Actovegin vial for injection or infusion must not be mixed with other solution.

Interesting Facts:

Actovegin is a potent antihypoxic agent that stimulates the utilization of oxygen and glucose metabolism of the brain cells. This preparation had been used to cure sports injuries and because of its action mechanism in enhancing oxygen utilization, it is believed to enhance the athlete’s performance.




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From Simon Oana | 2015-06-24 18:10:54

Hello, I want to buy Actovegin gel, but the "add to cart" button it simply doesn't work!! Can I buy it online from your site or not? Thank you!


Dear Simon, Actovegin is currently out of stock. We are doing our best to get the product back again.

From Nadezhda Getova | 2015-05-20 13:04:11

Hello, I would like to order Actovegin tablets, but I am not able to add it to my cart. Can you assist, beause I need it urgently? Thank you in advance! Regards!


Deat Nadezhda, We are sorry but we do not have this product in stock at current moment. Kind regards, Customer support service

From Silvia Movila | 2015-03-26 15:51:13

Hi, I would like to order actovegin but I cant add to my chart. Is there something wrong? Best Regards Silvia


Hello, the product is currently out of stock. We are doing our best to get it back in stock.

From harikesh | 2015-01-11 16:15:14

I ask samthining this injection how many day doing test tel


Dear Sir, Actovegin injection should be made only by your health care provider.

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