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Rxhippocratis is an European herbal supplements, vitamins and pharmaceutical store that provides customers in EU, USA and Australia with affordable herbal supplements, OTC medications. All the products we sell are dispensed by the licensed suppliers in the United Kingdom, Turkey and the USA.  We are glad to offer you the high-demand products at very reasonable prices. We do sell brand and generic products allowing customers to choose to the most quality products and save money. Let's see what we offer to our clients: 

Our Advantages:

  • Flexible discount system including discounts for returning customers
  • Broad spectrum of herbal products made by well-known company Eyefive and products made the most reputable drug manufactures 

What we guarantee?

  • Fast shipping from different warehouses in EU
  • Easy payment by direct bank transfer, Visa credit card, E-checks
  • Customer support that will be able to serve you 24 hours per day, 7-days a week 

If you are looking for the supplier you can trust, which can provide you with high quality herbal supplements and medications, you are on the right place.

Please note, that some of the medical products we sell require a prescription. For more information please refer to our Prescription Policy.

Also all the information presented on the Rxhippocratis European pharmacy is only for informational purposes and must not substitute for the medical advice of physicians.